Snowflake Obsidian, Clear Quartz and Tourmaline

Snowflake Obsidian, Clear Quartz and Tourmaline


This Orgonite is a beautiful piece of art and can be gifted - there are no ashes inserted.  The crystals used are snowflake obsidian, clear quartz and tourmaline.


Orgonite pyramids are known to turn negative energy in your home into positive energy. What crystals are used within the pyramid will have different healing qualities for each person.  They are known to balance the mind, body and soul.  All orgonites are handmade by me, no two will ever be the same due to the different sizes, shape and structure of each crystal.  They are known to protect the space around them against electromagnetic radiation from everyday devices like mobile phones and computers.


The orgonite is created from resin and is handmade in layers using some crystals. Transparent colours and glitter are added to some layers.


At the peak of the pyramid is a Snowflake Obsidian. There are layers of Clear Quartz and Tourmaline gemstones. Snowflake Obsidian is helpful for detoxing and circulation.  It also aids sinuses, skin and eye conditions and is known to ease loneliness. 


Clear Quartz are used to protect you from negativity, connecting you to your higher self. It's healing properties are known to reduce pain.  It helps to clear mental blocks and help with focus.


Tourmaline is used to help with addictions, dyslexia, arthritis, chemotherapy and heart conditions. It's a powerful stone.


Some of the surface may have slight imperfections but this is part of the design.


  • Care Instructions

    Avoid contact with any harsh substances such as nail varnish, nail vanish remover, perfume, aftershave, hairspray and suntan lotion.

    Do not put in water.

    Keep away from a naked flame, above a radiator or near fire place.

    Avoid contact with household cleaning products.

    To clean the resin area gently wipe with a soft dry clean cloth.

  • Return Postage

    Your treasured piece will be returned to you using the 'Special Delivery' service of Royal Mail and is included in the price.


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