Small Book marker - Memorial Art

Small Resin Book Marker


Small Resin Book Marker



You can add a full colour to your small resin book marker, using Mica colours, creating your own unique piece of memorial art. Please comment in the box provided if wish to have this option.  Most people like to see the ashes through the item, but its totally up to you.


Perfect memory for anyone who enjoys reading.  Have you have had that feeling of the energy of your loved near by.  Well this will be the perfect to time to ensure they are always close by.  Whether reading a magazine, a novel or simply just to organise your day.  If you enjoy reading or your loved one enjoy reading, what better way to remember them by using a book marker which has the ashes, hair or fur of your loved one.  Always drawing them near, always cherishing and treasuring those memories forever.

The colours available are shown as additional pictures above.

Measurements 90x25 mm



What is to be added?
Transparent Colour
Glitter Colour
  • Care Instructions

    Avoid contact with any harsh substances such as nail varnish, nail vanish remover, perfume, aftershave, hairspray and suntan lotion.

    Do not put in water.

    Keep away from a naked flame, above a radiator or near fire place.

    Avoid contact with household cleaning products.

    To clean the resin area gently wipe with a soft dry clean cloth.

  • Return Postage

    Your treasured piece will be returned to you using the 'Special Delivery' service of Royal Mail, and is included in the price.

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