Memorial Jewellery or a piece of Art

We've tried to make the ordering process for memorial jewellery or a piece of art as easy as possible.  Each item has a 'Place Order' button next to it.  If you click the button it takes you through to the shop area.  Complete your order by selecting the relevant information from each drop down box.  Once completed click the button at the bottom 'Add to Cart'.

Once you've added everything to your cart, click on the shopping basket icon at the top right of the screen and a pop up screen My Basket will appear with a summary of your order.  Click the 'View Basket' button at the bottom which will take you to the payment screen.  Before paying please double check all the information is correct.  Once you are happy, click one of the 'Check Out' buttons and follow the instructions.  An email will be sent to you shortly afterwards confirming your order.  Then the following stages will take place:

Stage 1

Once we receive your online order.  You will receive an email confirming your order.  A welcome pack will be posted to you.  The welcome pack will consist of:

  • A welcome leaflet with the Order Confirmation Form attached

  • A plastic sealed bag

  • 1 plastic spoon

  • A silver box with internal protection

  • A bubbled wrap envelope, already prepared with addressee label 

Stage 2

When you receive the welcome pack you will have a reference number allocated to your order, this number will be your invoice number too.

Please check that the details of your order on the 'Order confirmation Form' are correct, or amend if necessary.  Please sign and date where appropriate as confirmation that the order is correct.  Place 1 spoonful of your ashes in the sealed plastic bag, using the spoon provided.  Then place the sealed bag inside the silver box with the spoon.  Place the grey box and your signed Order Confirmation Form inside the bubble wrap envelope which will already have our address shown and please make sure it is closed securely.  The plastic bag, grey box and envelope will all have your reference number shown.

Stage 3

Please return the envelope to us by popping along to your local Royal Mail Post Office and using the 'Special Delivery' service. They will provide you with a tracking number. The cost for you to send the ashes of your loved one to us, has not been included in the total price.

Stage 4

On receipt of the ashes, you will receive a text and email just to reassure you that the ashes have arrived.  Design time can take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks.  It depends on many factors.  For example a piece of ashes into cremation jewellery may only take a couple of days but a large resin item can take a couple of weeks.

When working with resin, you work in layers for the best results, and this can be a timely process as each layer needs to set before the next can be added.

We therefore specify 2 - 4 weeks design process as a guideline.

Stage 5

Once your order is complete, we will return your treasured item to you, using the 'Special Delivery' service of Royal Mail, which is included in the total amount paid.  We will notify you by text and email and provide you with a tracking number.  If there are any ashes remaining these will also be returned to you.

For any pendant with a solid base, it is nice to add a touch of colour to the bottom first.  

Visual Stages

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