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Typical Questions Answered

Please see the following FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, that have been asked by our clients for the service we provide when creating beautiful pieces of memorial jewellery and art.  If your question is not listed please get in touch by using the Contact Us page.


How much of the ashes do you need?

One teaspoon of the ashes is more than enough for one item.  Any ashes not used will be returned to you.


Are there any extra charges or other costs?

The price listed includes us sending you the welcome pack via First Class and returning the finished treasured piece to you using the 'Special Delivery' service.  There is a cost for you to pay in addition, which is when you return the ashes to us using the 'Special Delivery' service.

The only cost that would be deemed payable is if you cancelled your order and postage costs have already been prepaid by us.  This amount would be deducted from your refund payment.

Can you use more than one persons ashes?

If you would like to put the ashes of two people in together, or a pet, that is fine.  There is no extra charge.

Can you see the ashes?

Yes, you should be able to see the ashes in the memorial jewellery or in the piece of Deco art.  Even when transparent colours are used you will still be able to see the ashes.

How long does it take?

We try to complete your order within 2 weeks of receiving the ashes.  However we always say 2-4 weeks just in case there are any delays, such as holidays or postal services.  Should there be a delay for any other reason we would email you to notify you.

Do you work with animal ashes?

Yes, we work with animal ashes, in the exact same way as human ashes.

Is everything handmade?

The Sterling Silver 925 and metal items are sourced from leading UK suppliers.  Everything else is completed by our Designer and therefore handmade.


What sort of resin do you use?

At Heavenly Treasures & Gems we use Art resin which is the best resin to use when mixing with colours.  This resin has a clear finish, it is optically transparent with non-yellowing properties and excellent UV resistance.  This means that it should not discolour over time, and be sturdy enough to not crack or smash under any pressure.  The final layer is a super-dome finish which is equally as beautiful and the end result is a shiny, high gloss, glass looking finish.

Is there a warranty on the jewellery?

There is a 12 month manufacturing guarantee on the jewellery for the Sterling Silver 925 items.  When you return your item, if it is clearly damaged with marks, scratches or dents then that guarantee will become void.  The necklaces are complimentary and therefore only a 3 month warranty applies. 

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Unfortunately we are a very small business and at present we do not take orders or ship outside the UK.

Further Information

Please get in touch if your treasured item has become damaged.  There may be something that can be carried out to correct it, at an additional charge.

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