Ashes into Jewellery


All earrings are Sterling Silver 925 and are sourced locally from a reputable company.


Once you have chosen your base colour, the ashes of your loved one are then delicately placed on top.  A clear dome of resin is placed on top as a final coat., so that the ashes can be easily visible.

The earrings are a wonderful way to keep your loved ones near, always guiding you with that gentle whisper in the ear.  It's a perfect way to treasure those memories forever.

The cost of return postage is already included in the price advertised. We will use the 'Special Delivery' postal service.  Any ashes remaining will also be returned to you for you to treasure forever. 


Styles Available


Silver Sterling 925

Celtic Drop Earrings

Measurements 15 mm

Area for ashes 5mm



Silver Sterling 925

Star Stud Earrings

Measurements, point to point 10 mm



Silver Sterling 925

Heart Drop Earrings

Measurements 11 mm


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