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Exploring my thoughts and observations of today's world in blogs by Sarah Williams.  I'm known for my spiritual followings and will drop some of that in every now and then too.  Keeping things fresh and real.


I plan to use this platform to share some spiritual awareness.  Everyone is spiritual. Everyone has the skills.  When something happens in society that makes my blood boil, I get an overwhelming desire to shout out using words. Perhaps this is why I am being guided to write these blogs. 

I am in the process of writing my own book.  As I grew up I had spiritual guidance to help me get through some of the darkest days. The first part of the book is how the spiritual guidance appeared and why.  The second part of the book is sharing with you the basics of spiritualism.  A beginners guide, if you like, to someone who wants to explore but a little anxious to pop along to a group.


Watch this space.

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