Memorial Jewellery or Art

About Us

At Heavenly Treasures & Gems, we lovingly and respectfully encapsulate your loved ones ashes into jewellery or a piece of art for your home. Memorial jewellery can be very comforting for some and many people say they sense or feel their loved ones around whilst wearing or being near their beautiful piece.


The Designer, Sarah, is a psychic medium, a spiritual teacher and a qualified Reiki practitioner.  With the items purchased she will infuse the treasured piece with Reiki energy to bring the best and highest good for the person it is intended for, bringing harmony and balance into their lives.

The Designer has worked closely with spirit for many years so you can be assured that the spirit of your loved one will always be treasured whilst in her care and have her undivided attention from start to completion.

Treasuring those memories forever has never been easier as we offer a variety of designs, all handmade, with no two pieces the same.  Please browse through the pages to see what we can offer. 

Final Note

I would be honoured if you chose me to help you through this difficult time. If you are reading this at the moment, then you have been drawn to my page for a reason.  Thankyou.


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